Welcome Rodinites!

On behalf of Faculty Master Jay Reise and myself, I want to welcome you to the pages of Rodin College House.  We hope this website will acclimate you with our fantastic community and the resources available to you as Rodin residents.  We have a full staff to support your upperclass years at Penn.  From our faculty to the RA/GA staff on your floors, you have a lot of support in the House.  Get to know your Faculty Master, House Fellows, House Coordinator, and House staff.
We also promise you a jam-packed year of events and educational opportunities.  Additional perks for Rodin living include the best darn Café on campus, a House Office filled with DVDs for renting, and access to various study spaces and lounges.  We’ve just expanded our Residential Program offerings, introduced new committees across the House and won our first College House Cup.
In order to maximize your time in Rodin House, here are a few words of wisdom from members of our community:
“Wear your Rodin t-shirt to Sunday brunches, and you get to jump ahead in line.”  -- Thomas C.

“House events with limited spots available are pretty popular.  Sign up early.”  -- Lane R.

”IM Sports pulled me into a large community of men and women that came together on a weekly basis to compete.  We had a lot of fun and met new people.  Winning wasn't the only thing, but it was satisfying that all of our hard work paid off!” -- Joe S.

“I met my best friend in Rodin House Council.”  -- Stephanie L.

“I wondered why my class t-shirt was blue.  Then I realized that each class t-shirt is a different Rodin color.  [The House colors are maroon, gold, and royal blue.]”  -- Nikolai Z.
If that isn’t enough, just remember our motto:  “To be, rather than to seem.”  So be yourself.  Embrace our community and its resources.  Take advantage of all that is Rodin College House.

--Ryan J. Keytack, Rodin College House Dean