Leadership Residential Program

Leadership CrestGAs

Mark Guevarra, Resident in Penn Orthodontics
Eunji Kim, joint Ph.D in the Annenberg School for Communication and Department of Political Science

Program Overview

Residents are encouraged to assess their present leadership abilities, actively pursue personal leadership development and build meaningful relationships with other floor members through events, dinners, workshops, and social activities. Additionally, students are encouraged to participate in Penn's Fox Leadership program by attending Fox events like guest speakers, civic engagement initiatives, leadership development workshops, and Fox courses.

Program Objectives

  1. Identify individual strengths and pursue leadership opportunities that will help to build upon and capitalize on those strengths.
  2. Analyze and apply a variety of leadership theories to current projects and opportunities on campus.
  3. Observe and learn from leaders in a variety of capacities.
  4. Engage in social entrepreneurship and servant leadership.
  5. Serve as a mentor and mentee, continually seeking feedback for improved leadership practices.
  6. Develop relationships and network.
  7. Identify ways in which he/she contributed to building a floor and a House community.

Expectations and Participation

As part of your involvement in the Leadership Residential Program, there are several basic requirements. Failure to meet these will result in room reassignments. Participation will be evaluated through the House point system, which enables residents to be considered for their first housing assignment choices for the following year.

  1. Administrative Duties. 
    1. Attend the opening Residential Program Mixer & First Floor Meeting.
    2. Attend the LRP Retreat.
    3. Elect an LRP Steering Board. *Elections to be held at the Retreat*
    4. Attend any additional meetings called during the year. 
  2. Floor Activities.
    1. Participate in planning at least one floor event during the course of the year.
    2. Attend or plan (or co-plan) at least three program events per semester.
    3. Full participation is expected for the Residential Program Showcase.
    4. Full participation is expected in the Rodin Rodies award ceremony at the end of the Spring Semester.       
  3. House Activities.
    1. Attend at least one Rodin 24 faculty lecture series per semester. *If you plan a Rodin 24 event, that counts for both the Rodin 24 requirement and planning a floor event* 
    2. Attend at least one other House Event per semester.


Please click here to learn how to apply. The Residential Program GAs and Rodin Senior Staff will review all applications. If additional information is needed by the committee, your suite / apartment will be contacted for a brief in-person interview.