Faculty Programs

Theatre with the Dean

WHAT: A show downtown with House Dean Kathryn McDonald

Research Roadmap

WHAT: Collect the tools you need to pursue research projects successfully with Faculty Director Daniel Gillion

Concerts, Shows, and Museums

WHAT: Enjoy trips centered on arts and culture all over Philadelphia with House Fellows Mauro Calcagno and Jamuna Samuel

International Film Festival

WHAT: Immerse yourself in world culture through this film series hosted by House Fellow Megan Robb

Health & Fitness

WHAT: Join Faculty Director Daniel Gillion and House Fellow Karu Kozuma for engagement in fitness and sports

SCARF & Scarf

WHAT: Some Crocheting And Real Fun with House Dean Kathryn McDonald

Coffee with Cleo

WHAT: Meet House Fellow Karu Kozuma's lovable pup Cleo over coffee

Check back for more opportunities, including conversation hours, current issue hours, tutoring sessions, intramural outings, and chances to meet the House pets!