House Policies

On the one hand, Rodin’s policies reflect the common sense and courtesy beneficial to community living. On the other hand, these policies are important for matters of safety and security; so, offenders may face fines, probation, expulsion from the House, or possible recommendation for action within the University Conduct System.  Many of these policies have been fleshed out by the members of Rodin House Council.
  1. Access with Penn Card.  Present your PennCard every time you enter the building or anytime it is requested by a residential staff member.  Sign in all guests at the Info Center in person.  Do not sign in anyone you do not know.  You are responsible for the actions of anyone you sign in.
  2. Alcohol.  Do not possess or consume alcohol if you are under the age of 21 (as stipulated by the laws of the state of Pennsylvania).  All residential staff members have the right to ask for identification verifying the age of anyone seeking to bring alcohol into the House.  Even if you are of legal drinking age, alcohol may not be consumed in any common areas of the House (such as hallways, lounges, the Underground, etc.), and you may not serve alcohol to minors.
  3. Alcohol Amnesty.  In cases of intoxication and/or alcohol poisoning, the primary concern is the health and safety of the individual(s) involved.  No student seeking staff assistance for an alcohol or other drug-related overdose will be subject to University discipline.  This policy shall extend to another student seeking help for the intoxicated person.  The House Director will still meet with the impacted student(s) - but in an unofficial capacity.  Please visit the Alcohol Policy website for additional details.
  4. Candles.  The open use of a flame, such as candles, is strictly prohibited.  The only exception to this policy is during special religious observances.  See House Dean for regulations.
  5. Courtesy Hours/Noise.  Even outside official quiet hours, if noise from your apartment is disturbing your neighbors - it is too loud.  If a neighbor's activity is disrupting your peaceful existence, please discuss it directly and politely with that person.  In persistent cases, do not hesitate to seek help from your RA or the RA On-Duty. 
  6. Drugs.  The possession, sale, or use of narcotics or other controlled substances is illegal and prohibited in residence.
  7. Fire alarms and/or equipment.  Do not tamper with any fire-related equipment.  Only in the case of a fire are you allowed to activate these materials.  If you are caught pulling a fire alarm for no reason, or tampering with other fire safety equipment, you may face arrest, as this offense is a felony.  If you discharge a fire extinguisher for any reason other than to extinguish a fire, you will be fined $500.
  8. Pets.  Do not keep pets in the House other than fish that can fit humanely in a twenty-gallon or smaller aquarium.
  9. Quiet Hours.  In this large residential building, it is important that we all remain sensitive to each other's right to peaceful existence. Even outside official quiet hours, if noise from your apartment is disturbing your neighbors, it is too loud. If a neighbor's activity is disruptive, please discuss it politely with that person. In persistent cases, please contact your RA or the RA on duty. House-wide quiet hours apply: Sunday through Thursday from 11pm to 9am; and Friday and Saturday from 1am to 9am.
  10. Smoking.  As stated in Residential Handbook, "smoking and the use of tobacco products is prohibited on any University of Pennsylvania property, including but not limited to outdoor spaces within any College House, as well as parking lots, paths, fields, sports/recreational areas, and stadiums."  The first offense will result in a $100.00 fine and disciplinary probation.  The second offense will result in a referral to the Office of Student Conduct and may result in termination of the housing contract.
  11. Solicitation/tabling.  Leafleting and the selling of items by organizations other than Rodin House is strictly prohibited in the House.  Individuals, groups, or businesses who violate this policy will be heavily fined.  Consult the House Director for assistance with your marketing needs and/or requests for tabling.  Outside groups will need to partner directly with an existing group in Rodin House in order to table.
  12. Sports Activities.  Do not play sports of any type (including but not limited to skate-boarding, roller-blading, water fights, etc.), or bounce, throw, or roll a ball of any type in corridors, lounges, lobby, etc.  Hurled objects hitting the smoke detectors can cause false fire alarms and/or injury to residents.
  13. Thrown Objects.  Do not throw or drop any objects of any sort out of a window for any reason.
  14. Unauthorized transfer of furniture.  Do not move any furniture from the floors, Rooftop Lounge, or any other common space to personal rooms for any reason (and vice versa).
  15. Vandalism.  Do not deface House property.  Any student found destroying University, House, or another resident's property will immediately be referred to the Office of Student Conduct, face possible removal from the House, and be subject to pay for the repair and replacement of said property.
  16. Posters. Please visit our Poster Policy page:

These rules and all of the provisions of the Occupancy Agreement have been set for the safety and consideration of everyone in the House. Violators may face sanctions that include fines, community service, removal from the House, referral to the Office of Student Conduct, and/or process in the Philadelphia Court System.