Jamuna Samuel

House Fellow

Jamuna Samuel teaches in the Department of Music. Born in Sri Lanka and raised in rural upstate New York, she majored in music at Yale with a focus on piano performance, and completed her PhD at the CUNY Grad Center. Currently a Mellon postdoctoral fellow in the humanities, she is pursuing a research project in her main academic area of 20th-century Italy, exploring issues of influence and ethics.  She previously taught at Yale, Harvard, Wellesley, and Stony Brook.

Outside of work, she enjoys being a mom, reading, listening to public radio, chatting with Penn students and staff, getting to the gym, exploring Philadelphia, and hanging out with fellow faculty fellow (and husband of 15 years) Mauro.
Having moved a lot in her life and interacted with different types of students under all kinds of pressures and circumstances, she values community above all. That’s why she decided to become a house fellow.

Jamuna wants all Rodinites to know about HEY LISTEN: an ongoing, informal, low-pressure performance initiative happening in the upper lobby every Sunday from 5:30p-6p. Sign up (e-mail: samuelja@sas.upenn.edu) to play something, or just stop and listen!