Mark Guevarra

Graduate Associate
23rd Floor - TRAC Visual Arts Engagement

Mark is back again for another fantastic year at Rodin College House. Although he is deathly afraid of heights, he is very excited to move on up to the Visual Arts Engagement Program on the 23rd floor. 

Mark graduated from Western University in Ontario, Canada, with a Bachelors of Science with an Honors Specialization in Biology. He then traveled to the great state of Mississippi, where he spent a year completing his Masters of Science in Biological Sciences. He gained a ton of weight during grad school because of all the delicious fried chicken and cornbread. The unbearable heat and humidity of the deep south drove Mark up to Penn, where he finished his degree in dental medicine. 

This year, Mark will be balancing his Rodinites with his patients at Penn Orthodontics, as he studies to become a professional tooth straightener. In his spare time, Mark loves to eat anything and everything, so feel free to stop by for unlimited snacks!