William Carlin

House Manager

Bill Carlin is a graduate of Pine Grove Area Highschool located in Pine Grove, PA. Bill a Junior at the Wharton School of Business conentrating in Marketing and OIDD. Bill hopes to one day own mulptile small businesses and hold a local office. He is invovled in activies such as the university wind ensemble, ASAP, Phins, Penn Rural and Agricultural Society, and Penn FA. He enjoys playing his guitar, watching a good movie, eating dinner with friends, and drinking San Pellegrino on a warm summer day. You can usually find him in his room playing guitar, at the gym, or anywhere with free food! Bill is the A/V Manager here at Rodin and loves to meet new people and have fun! He is a good person to ask for technical help with any issues you may run into with house equipment while using any of the spaces here in Rodin. He is looking forward to this year and is excited to meet many of you. Don't be afraid to say hello if you see him in the lobby, at an event, or even out and about on Locust Walk!