Room Assignment Priority Point System

Applying for Rodin Priority Points, January 2018:

  • The application for the 2018-2019 academic year opened on January 17, 2018 and closed January 22, 2018 at 5pm. 
  • You may check your point total in the House Office on January 24th and January 25th.
  • Appeals must be submitted in writing to the House Dean by Friday, January 26th at 5pm. 
***Note: This application is only for current Rodin resdients who will apply to the In-House Room Selection process. Applying for points is not the same as applying for housing. The points process is first and then you must apply separately for housing via the MyHomeAtPenn portal. Application dates for housing will be posted when available. Do not forget to actually apply through the In-House process at MyHomeAtPenn.
In order to apply through the in-House process and for priority points, at least 50% of the intended roommates must be current Rodin residents. See below for your intended room type:

For a single room, the student must be a current Rodin resident.
For a double room, at least one student must be a current Rodin resident.
For a triple room, at least two students must be current Rodin residents.
For a quad room, at least two students must be current Rodin residents.

Priority Point System for Current Rodin Residents

For those residents interested in returning to Rodin House, there is a point system in place that allows students to earn advanced and/or priority status for selecting their room for the following year based on engagement.  The maximum amount of points that a resident can earn is 40. Point information is available on the application.

Here’s the point system for Rodin (similar to other high rises on campus):

  1. Points for length of time in House (by semester).   Residents earn points for each consecutive semester living in the House.  Residents who study abroad maintain their “residency” during the semester abroad.
  2. Points for Active Participation in Governance Structures and House Organizations.  Residents earn points for consistent engagement throughout the course of the fall semester.
    1. Rodin House Council (RHC)
    2. Rodin United Planning Group
    3. Research Fellows
    4. Residential Program Steering Board or Floor Leadership Position
    5. Underground Shakespeare Company
    6. IM Sports/College House Cup Participant
    7. #rodinCARES Planning Group
    8. Rodin Rising Mentorship Program
  3. Points for House Managers and/or Leadership Roles.  Each manager earns points for his/her house-wide leadership of events and programs. 
  4. Points for House Office Staff, ITA Staff, and Information Center Staff.  Each employee of Rodin House earns points for his/her execution of work in both the fall and spring semester.
  5. House Defined Community Involvement Points.  Recognizing that residents get involved in the House in many different types of ways, Rodin has created an option to “apply” for additional points.  Residents will be asked to submit a list of the various ways they’ve engaged in the House community (examples include but are not limited to attending floor events, planning and/or initiating programs, forming Rodin-only study groups, engaging in Rodin signature programs)  Residents do not need to list and/or account for every single activity in the House.  Points will be based on the quality of an interaction not the quantity (level of leadership, initiative, etc.).  Outstanding contributions to the House will be weighed in the points allocation.

Rodin Priority Points Application