Class-Focused & Academic Programs

Rodin is an upperclass College House, and we pride ourselves on providing opportunities for each of our students at all different levels of their college careers.

Sophomore Surge

Sophomore year can be a whirlwind, and we want to make sure no one feels left behind during their second year. Our team develops social programs to encourage sophomore bonding and more academically-driven events and activities related to study abroad opportunities, internships, mentorship and more.

Junior Jolt & Senior Soar

Juniors and Seniors have a lot on their minds as they finish up their time in undergrad and look toward future possibilies. We plan social activities for juniors and seniors as well as events related to research and fellowship opportunities, grad school options, career goals and more.

Transfer Time

Transfer students are in a unique position as they have already had a taste for higher education, but are new to Penn! We want to help make that transition as smooth as possible, so we plan activities for transfer students to get to know one another as well as the larger student body and to learn more about the incredible opportunities Penn has to offer!

Rodin Research

Residents will have the chance to learn more about the research opportunities available to them and to apply to become College House Research Fellows! More information on that program to follow.

To learn more about our Class-Focused and Academic Programs and to get involved, please contact the Rodin House Office at 215-573-3576 or (link sends e-mail).