Rodin 24: 24 Dinners, 24 Topics, 1 House

Residents are encouraged to attend Rodin_24, the almost weekly dinner series that gives Rodinites a chance to engage in dialogue with various faculty members, administrators, and other students.  

Simple instructions:  

  • There are only 24 spots for each dinner, so visit the House Office frequently to sign up. Co-pay is only $1, and that includes a great meal and even greater company. Residents will also have the chance to indicate any dietary restrictions when signing up. The House will try to accomodate as many special requests as possible.
  • All dinners will take place in Seminar Room M30 unless instructed otherwise.
  • Residents can propose and/or lead a dinner.  All one has to do is stop by and see the House Dean. The House will help make all of the arrangements.
  • Residents can earn priority points in the fall semester for attending Rodin_24 dinners.