Welcome Week & Welcome Back

WHAT: We plan a bunch of activities at the beginning of each semester to kick off the term!
WHEN: At the beginning of each semester, end of August and mid-January
WHERE: All over Rodin

Tower Hour

WHAT: Bi-weekly study break
WHEN: Every other Tuesday at 10PM
WHERE: Upper Lobby

Sunday Brunch

WHAT: Breakfast with your housemates
WHEN: Once a month on Sundays at 11AM
WHERE: Rooftop Lounge

Rodin Showcase

WHAT: A celebration of all the different talent that Rodin has to offer: dinner and a show!
WHEN: To be determined
WHERE: Rooftop Lounge


WHAT: Study breaks to help you take care of you through the end of the semester
WHEN: Every day of reading days and finals, fall and spring semester
WHERE: All over Rodin

Holidays & Special Events

WHAT: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Super Bowl, and End of Year Celebrations!
WHEN: Seasonally
WHERE: Rooftop Lounge and Beyond!