Rodin House Council (RHC)

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The Rodin House Council is the student advisory board of Rodin College House. The Council serves the varied interests of the residents of the House. The RHC is committed to engaging with Rodinites, empowering community members in their roles, and enhancing life at Rodin.  RHC is responsible for advocating for the needs of Rodin College House residents, implementing House-wide programs and traditions, and seeking co-sponsorship of events from various campus-wide organizations.


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RHC is comprised of various committees that will create programs and maintain the traditions of Rodin College House. Residents can become of member of one of those committees. Below is an overview of each committee, which are led by a Rodin staff member. 

Rodin Night In- The mission of the Rodin Night In team is to create evening/night-time programming for residents who will be spending more evenings in their rooms than ever before. 

RA/GRA leaders: Latrice Ferguson, Anna Thomas, and Claire Wan

Rodin United- A team dedicated to establishing and nurturing a culture of inclusivity in Rodin College House. This group will develop program opportunities that could address a variety of topics including identity development, campus climate, anti-racism, social justice, and sustainability. The leadership of this team will promote dialogue and create spaces where students in Rodin feel welcome to share and grow together.

RA/GRA leaders: Emma Ronzetti, Enrique Morales, and Travis Chirman

Rodin Population Support- A team dedicated to supporting the various students who live in Rodin. Because of COVID-19, our population will be slightly different this year. We may have all four years in the house, predominately 1st and 2nd year students, as well as transfer students. They will provide programming dedicated to supporting the unique experiences of these populations. 

RA/GRA leaders: Teji Wang, Sophie Siemsgluess, and Maritza Moulite

Rodin Community Service- Rodin College House students should have the opportunity to engage in service to society and to identify how public service fits into their life. This team will seek to engage students with the various service opportunities on campus. Additionally, they can partner with a Philadelphia non-profit to provide service opportunities to our students. Obviously, COVID-19 presents a challenge to engaging with service, so this team will need to be creative in their thinking. 

RA/GRA leaders: Bobbi Cooke, Daris McInnis, and Will Owen

Rodin Cares- A team dedicated to mental health and wellness. This team creates opportunities that highlight the idea of balance in our students. With the changes in campus life, this group will be especially important in connecting our students to the services and opportunities on campus for self-care. 

RA/GRA leaders: Grace Nguyen, Brinna Ludwig, and Sylvana Sawires

Rodin House Celebrations- The Rodin celebration committee will execute 2 large scale house celebrations (one per semester). These are events that are special and hopefully meaningful to the students who live in Rodin. This committee is simple yet complex at the same time!

RA/GRA leaders: Jadah Daley, Rachel Hulvey, and Sylvia Sawires

Rodin House Traditions- This committee will execute the special Rodin traditions that have become a part of the Rodin experience. Those include the Rodin Halloween party, Super Bowl Party, and Rodin Talent Showcase. Additionally, this group could create new traditions within the house.

RA/GRA leaders: Nicole Morris, Leah Musheyev, and Lisa Huang

Rodin & Beyond- This team is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to explore places outside or Rodin through organizing programming. This is a multi-faceted team that will help students get organized and participate in opportunities around campus- such as IM Sports and the College House Cup. Additionally, they are encouraged to take students of Rodin around Philadelphia and beyond. 

RA/GRA leaders: Olivia Bruyn, Caitlin Hoffman, Ruby Lee

If you are interested in joining any of these committees, please fill out a RHC Committee Interest Form.

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RHC Program Committee Interest Form- CLICK HERE