Welcome Rodinites!

Welcome Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors of Rodin College House!

Welcome back!  Or just plain welcome to our new residents for spring of 2016.  The second semester is always an exciting one at Rodin and Penn.  Here's my Rodin Top Ten List for Spring:  

1. Faculty Director Jay Reise's Superbowl BBQ in the Rooftop Lounge

2. Rodin Midnight Cruise

3. The College House Research Fellows Presentation Night at Quaker Days

4. More Sunday Brunches

5. The Newly titled "Rodin United" program that will bring a series of events for all to enjoy, especially our International and Exchange students

6. Dinner with the Dean Series

7. The Return of "Hey, Listen" - weekly Rodin recitals in the Upper Lobby

8. Growth for our #rodinCARES and Sophomore Surge programs

9. Rodin Showcase

10. It's your turn to tell me...

Love your College House and see you soon!

-- Jay Reise, Faculty Master