The Rodin College House Office is HIRING!

Each year, Rodin hires a team of Student Leaders to work in Rodin and help in the areas of Programming/Events and Office Management. These positions look different this year due to the pandemic, but the House Office remains committed to creating work opportunities for residents. We are currently hiring for the Spring 2021 semester. Check out these opportunities to be a leader in your building and click here to find our application materials!

Rodin House Office Staff

The Rodin House Office, where you might find the House Coordinator and House Director, is the heart of Rodin. This is where all the program planning takes place and where residents can find support and resources to feel supported and cared for during their time at Penn.

House Office Managers work directly with the senior staff and faculty to support the house. Some of their duties will include performing administrative tasks such as printing and scanning documents, and communicating with the House Coordinator and House Director to manage house operations. Office Managers also act as a liaison between residents and the house office by being the first responder when someone visits the House Office, and responding to calls. Click to learn more about the House Office Manager position.

Rodin Programming and Event Staff

The Rodin Programming and Event Staff organizes some of Rodin's exciting signature events including Tower Hours, Sunday Brunches, and more. The team works to connect the Rodin community with the events happening in Rodin through social media and physical marketing efforts.

House Event Managers are responsible for providing event oversight and promotion for Rodin College House. Some duties will include coordinating programming efforts, managing reservations and social media, creatively promoting programs and maintaining program storage spaces. Click to learn more about the House Event Manager position.

Welcome Rodinites!

Welcome to Rodin College House. You could not have chosen a better College House to live in over the next year here at the University of Pennsylvania. With a tradition of being the very best College House on campus, so much awaits you here. Rodin is a place that strives for excellence in all that we do.


We pride ourselves on creating a vibrant and diverse community for the students who choose to live in our House.


Most importantly, we are a family of students, staff, and faculty who are striving to make your year in Rodin memorable.


We are home to The Rodin Arts Collective (TRAC), Leadership Residential Program (LRP) and the Jewish Culture Studies (JCS) program, and the brand new Balanced Living Community (BLoC).  


Our faculty and staff host terrific programs that allow residents to thrive. You can further your research efforts with Dr. Daniel Gillion’s Research Roadmap. You can also explore the arts and music all over Philadelphia with House Fellows Mauro Calcagno and Jamuna Samuel, both faculty in the music department. Be immersed in cinema and culture through Dr. Megan Robb’s International Film Festival. Learn or practice the craft of crocheting (while enjoying some snacks) with the House Dean Kathryn McDonald through Scarf and Scarf. Finally, you can relieve all of your academic stress with light meditation, tea, and even hot coco on cold days through Dr. Hsiao-Wen Cheng’s Sweet Mindfullness program.


Our student staff help maintain and create the various traditions in our House such as Rodin_24, Sunday Brunches, Tower Hour, and Monday Morning Mirth. Keep an eye on our calendar for information on this events and many more.


We encourage you to engage with these opportunities, and to become active participants in shaping your Rodin experience!


The Rodin College House staff commits to Be Real, Be Compassionate, and Be Here...Thus, our motto is “To be rather than to seem.” We hope that through our efforts you can do the same!


-Dr. Daniel Gillion, Rodin Faculty Director &

-Kathryn McDonald, Rodin House Dean