Rodin Senior Staff

The Senior Staff is comprised of University faculty and administrative staff members who ensure the smooth functioning of Rodin College House. They coordinate the activities of the Graduate Associate (GA) and Resident Advisor (RA) staff to support students. Additionally, the Senior Staff bears the formal responsibility of advocating for the House with other departments of the University.

Jay Reise

Faculty Director

Cecilia Paredes-Reise

Associate Faculty Director

Orkan Telhan

College House Fellow

Jamuna Samuel

College House Fellow

Mauro Calcagno

College House Fellow

Hikaru Kozuma

House Fellow

Richard LaRosa

Director of Upper Class Houses

Kathryn McDonald

House Dean

Megan Edelman

House Coordinator

Resident Advisors and Graduate Associates

Resident Advisors: RA for short. Undergraduate students selected for their unique qualifications, academic excellence, participation in University and community activities. They stand out in their interest in being leaders in the college house community and offering peer support to their residents. 

Graduate Associates: GA for short. Like an RA but with some extras. The GAs are selected from a variety of graduate programs and as such they bring a slightly different perspective to the College House. Their advanced academic and professional backgrounds enable them to nurture academic and co-curricular interests in the House, with their programming often reflecting their own particular studies. 

Julia Liu

Residential Advisor
1st Floor

Sara Lynch

Graduate Associate
2nd Floor - Jewish Cultural Studies (JCS)

Christina Roldan

Residential Advisor
3rd Floor

Esha Khurana

Graduate Associate
4th Floor

Iverson Korsen

Residential Advisor
5th Floor

Lauren Kaufmann

Graduate Associate
6th Floor

Darlina Liu

Residential Advisor
7th Floor

Eunji Kim

Graduate Associate
8th floor

Raines Taylor

Graduate Associate
9th Floor - TRAC Musical Engagement

Haley Pilgirm

Graduate Associate
10th Floor

Josh Coleman

Graduate Associate
11th Floor - TRAC Theatre Engagement

Rachael McBride

Graduate Associate
12th Floor

Jimmy Park

Residential Advisor
13th floor

Kevin Walden

Graduate Associate
14th Floor - Leadership Residential Program (LRP)

Irtiqa Fazili

Residential Advisor
15th Floor

Martin Premoli

Graduate Associate
16th Floor

Bhavish Malkani

Residential Advisor
17th Floor

Catherine Yee

Graduate Associate
18th Floor

Richard Liuzzi

Graduate Associate
19th Floor

Oforiwaa Pee Agyei-Boakye

Graduate Associate
20th Floor

Ishita Batra

Residential Advisor
21st Floor

Evan Schueckler

Graduate Associate
22nd Floor

Mark Guevarra

Graduate Associate
23rd Floor - TRAC Visual Arts Engagement

Irteza Binte-Farid

Graduate Associate
24th Floor

House Managers

Julius Barriteau

Marketing & Communications Manager

Bill Carlin

A/V Manager

Kylene Cochrane

Space Manager
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Alexander George

ITA Manager

Caroline Lachanski

Residential Programs Manager

Jaime Mares

House Council Manager
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Spiro Metaxas

ITA Manager

Brianna Raposo

Photography Manager

Residential Services