Rodin Student Leader Positions

Each year, Rodin hires a team of Student Leaders to work in Rodin and help in the areas of Programming/Events, maintaing the Rodin Resource Room, and Office Management. We are not currently hiring for House Office Assistants or House Office Managers at this time. Please check back next Fall for more Rodin employment and engagement opportunities!


Rodin College House Managers

The Rodin College House Manager Team is integral to supporting Rodin programming and traditions while helping to create a vibrant house community. We aim Rodin residents who want to have an active hand in supporting our community! The Rodin College House Managers are important to maintaining the Rodin Resource Room, supporting house programs and initiatives, create engaging ways to promote said initiatives, and tackling administrative tasks when needed. 

Rodin College House Managers are responsible for collaborating to supervise the Rodin House Assistants, operate the Rodin Resource Room, and support all aspects of programming in Rodin College House. In addition to these shared responsibilities, the Rodin House Manager will work in teams to reinforce community building and engagement through auxiliary house initiatives.

Rodin College House Assistants

The Rodin House Assistant team is committed to supporting the administrative and programming functions of the House and maintaining Rodin's legacy as a place the residents can call their home away from home.  House Assistants collaborate with the House Office and our team of managers to provide support for programming and within the Rodin Resource Room.

Rodin College House Assistants are responsible for checking items in/out of the Rodin Resource Room, following up with residents with overdue Rodin Resource Room items, helping to plan and staff Rodin's signature programs, assisting with Rodin faculty programs, and maintaining posters in common areas throughout Rodin.


Interested in Applying?

Applications typically open in mid-August, before move-in or when additional staffing needs arise.

Please check back in once the application opens!

We are looking forward to getting to know you!