About Our Resource Room

The Rodin Resource Room can be located on the west side of the Upper Mezzanine and holds our lending collection of DVDs, cleaning supplies and more. Residents can access the Resource Room via the House Office Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM. Outside of standard business hours, the Resource Room is staffed by our student workers at the times below:

Resource Room Hours (Spring 2024):     

Monday: 7:00p - 10:00p
Tuesday: 5:00p - 9:00p
Wednesday: 7:00p - 11:00p
Thursday: 5:30p - 9:30p
Friday: 5:00p - 9:00p
Saturday 3:00p - 6:30p
Sunday: 11:00a - 5:00p

Have a suggestion of an item for the Resource Room? Fill out the Resource Room Suggestion Form.

For the Resource Room borrowing policies, visit our Resource Room Policies page.

For a list of items in the resource room and to check item availability, visit our Loan Library.