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Room Reservation Policy: 

Updated for 2022 - 2023 Academic Year. Please read through these policies before requesting a Room Reservation. Room Reservation Requests that do not follow the policies below will be declined.


Check the reservation calendar on the Rodin website to see if the space is available (link)

Fill out the room reservation request at least 48 hours prior to the reservation

Wait for your reservation approval email from the Rodin House Office

On the day of the reservation you can visit the Information Center in Rodin to gain access to the space on your Penn Card

After the reservation is over please make sure all trash is removed and the furniture is restored to the original formation 


Reservations can only be made by residents of Rodin College House

Reservations cannot be made during Reading Days or the Final Exam Period

Reservations cannot exceed 4 hours at a time, and must end by 11:45PM. 

Reservations are made on a first come first served basis

Reservations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the reservation

Reservations cannot be made more than a month before the event

Reservations are monitored and approved Monday through Friday 10am-4pm. Reservations made after 4pm on Friday afternoon will not be approved until Monday at 10am

All reservations may be subject to cancellation in order to accommodate Rodin College House sponsored events

Room reservations that do not follow these guidelines will not be approved. You will receive e-mail confirmation when your request is approved or declined. Until you receive confirmation via e-mail, your room reservation is not approved. For policies on using rooms without a prior reservation, please see below

Special Event Space (Rooftop Lounge, M30, and the West Lounge) reservation requests require at least 2 weeks advance notice. Please see the bottom of this section for more details on how to request a booking in the Rooftop Lounge


  • VISIT the Info Center when your reservation starts to get access to the room on your PennCard. The person who made the reservation is the only one who can get access to the space on their card. 
  • RESET the room to its original condition and clean up after using it. The person who reserved the room is responsible for the space and may be charged for any housekeeping/repairs incurred as a result of misuse.
  • CLEAN the space thoroughly. Wipe down the dry erase board and surfaces. If food was served make sure it is removed.
  • REMOVE all trash, recycling, and personal items from the room.
  • RESTORE furniture to its original configuration.
  • DO NOT move furniture between Rodin spaces.

Failure to follow the Room Reservation Policy can result in loss of your Room Reservation privileges.


Rooms are first-come, first-serve.
Rodin House Events take precedence over resident requests.
Rodin College House reserves the right to cancel/deny any reservation at any time.


Movie Screening Room [max 20 people]
Music Practice Room LL12
Music Practice Room LL14
Study Room 104 [max 15 people]
Seminar Room M20 [max 25 people]

The Underground main room may no longer be reserved by Rodin residents. Residents can use the space for studying, meetings, or other purposes. However, please be considerate of other residents who may want to share the space with you.


If you do not have a reservation, you can check the reservation calendar to see if the room is reserved. Unreserved rooms are availble first-come, first-serve to residents by requesting access at the Info Center. 

SPECIAL EVENT SPACE RESERVATIONS (Rooftop Lounge, Seminar Room M30, West Lounge)

The Rooftop Lounge, M30, and the West Lounge are available for reservation under the following criteria:
-The requester must be a Rodin resident.
-The event must take place on a Friday or Saturday.
-The request must be received at least two weeks before the event. More time is appreciated.
-The event may not exceed 4 hours (this includes setup and clean up time)
-The event must be open to Rodin residents, free of charge or at a discounted rate.
-The requester will pay a reservation fee due two days prior to the event date.

Rooftop Lounge- $50 reservation fee + $10/hour
West Lounge- $30 reservation fee + $10/hour*
M30- $25 reservation fee + $10/hour

*Events taking place in the West Lounge may use the Rodin pool table and equipment

Events that exceed their reservation or require additional cleaning services may be subject to additional fees

Requests that fulfill these requirements are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. The House staff has the right to refuse any reservation request.

To request that your event be held in the Rooftop Lounge, please complete this reservation request form.

Space Overview and Reservation Summary



How to Reserve

LL12 & LL14

These spaces contain pianos, music stands, and folding chairs. They are specifically designed for music instruction and rehearsal.

Rodin residents and staff can reserve on the Rodin website


Located on the east end of the Upper Lobby, Seminar Room M20 is outfitted with a seminar table, chairs, and a large dry-erase board.

Rodin residents and staff can reserve on the Rodin website


Located on the east end of the Upper Lobby, Seminar Room M30 is primarily used to host in-House classes, meetings, and workshops. The room comes with seminar tables, chairs, a large dry-erase board and a motorized projection screen, and some storage.

Rodin residents must submit a request for this space at least 2 weeks prior to the program

West Lounge

Home to the pool table as well as a new TV and furniture, this space is a multipurpose event and study space.

Rodin residents must submit a request for this space at least 2 weeks prior to the program

Movie Screening Room 103

The Movie Screening Room is equipped with a television, surround sound, and seating for approximately 20.

Rodin residents and staff can reserve on the Rodin website

Study Lounge 104

this space is equipped with a study chairs and dry-erase boards.

Rodin residents and staff can reserve on the Rodin website

Rodin Rooftop Lounge

Located on the top floor of Rodin, the Rooftop Lounge features floor-to-ceiling windows that provide an impressive view of Philadelphia. Rodin's largest recreation space, the Rooftop Lounge serves as a location for large-scale House events and doubles as a quiet study space. The room is outfitted with couches, seminar tables, chairs, projector, built in sound, and a motorized projection screen. The Rooftop Lounge may only be reserved by Rodin residents for Friday or Saturday night events and must be pre-approved by the House Office.

Rodin residents must submit a request for this space at least 2 weeks prior to the program