The Rodin Arts Collective (TRAC)


Mark Guevarra, Resident in Penn Orthodontics
Eunji Kim, joint Ph.D in the Annenberg School for Communication and Department of Political Science

Program Overview

The Rodin Arts Collective (TRAC) aims to provide engagement-based opportunities for students to appreciate and analyze various types of "art" with a community of their peers, supplementing their curricular education at Penn. TRAC encompasses three main forms of art: Music, Theatre, and Visual arts:

Music Engagement: We create a structured environment that fosters musical growth as players, listeners, attendees at live performances, citizens engaged in community outreach, and/or scholars. It’s about respecting the power of music to shape us--our relationships to ourselves, with others, in personal contexts, professional endeavors, civic engagement, and about opening a window into larger humanistic discourse.

Theatre Engagement: We impart knowledge in various approaches and opportunities related to theatre (i.e. musicals, drama, Shakespeare, Eastern arts, etc.); teach students how to critique both theater as art and theater as entertainment; and help residents increase or establish an appreciation of the impact of theater on social movements.

Visual Arts Engagement: We aim to develop an environment that fosters our ability to create, curate, critique, and therefore contribute to visual culture.

The combined efforts of TRAC enrich our understanding of the individual arts and blurs the boundaries among them.

Expectations and Participation

Members of the TRAC floor should expect to attend floor meetings, participate in the annual Rodin Showcase, and generally be active members of their floor and House communites.


Please click here to learn how to apply. The Residential Program GAs and Rodin Senior Staff will review all applications. If additional information is needed by the committee, your suite / apartment will be contacted.